Thursday, 13 May 2010

With Love from Japan

I've mentioned my collection a few times, but not really said what is all about! So here is a sneak peek...
As you have probably gathered from the post title, my collection is intitled 'With Love from Japan' and is a Spring/Summer 2011 collection.
My mood board

This photo was taken before my critique last week and I didn't really have time to take many photos, so they are not the greatest quality by any means, but I really love these two outfits, and don't these ladies look lovely in them!?
The collection uses vintage kimono silks in the most beautiful prints and a selection of jersey and viscose. Its mostly grey jerseys with splashes of blues and purples from the kimono silks. It has a soft romantic mood with very flattering shaping and fabrics. Hopefully when I have more time (once this fashion show is done!) I will upload the rest of the collection and any photos from the fashion show itself!

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  1. can not wait to see the show, the outfits look lovely


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