Friday, 15 October 2010

Its certainly been a while...

Blimey, it’s been literally months since my last blog! Where did the summer go eh?! I have been rather busy with non button-y things, although buttons do still feature daily in my life! I moved into a new house, got a job and then I got a better job and I managed to squeeze in a trip to Paris too!

Phew. Well I guess I’ll start with the house... My boyfriend and I moved in July into a lovely little cottage smack bang in the centre of Norwich. Right behind my favourite fabric shop and 2 minutes from my favourite pub, does it get any sweeter?! The first job I won’t even talk about, not good at all, but it paid the rent in my lovely house for 2 months so I can’t really complain too much. The second job is much much MUCH better and I only started Monday. Visual Merchandiser at the House of Fraser thank you very much, not too shabby at all! It’s so nice to be doing creative things in every aspect of my life again.

Lovely little Maggie Cottage

And then there was Paris, which you may remember was a gift for my 21st from my lovely parents. It was a lovely few days, the weather was a delight and the shopping was most certainly there to be done but it came at a very high price! I did however manage to buy a few vintage buttons, trims and magazines which I will get around to photographing eventually. Oh and Italian Vogue in 3D! That’s right...3D.

I spent last weekend in London with my grandparents and mother dearest, a little trip to the Ally Pally for the Knit and Stitch show was most definitely in order! I love the K&S show, I’ve been a couple of times in London and Harrogate and it never fails to deliver (except on the parking!). I think I’ll do a little post tomorrow on my treasures bought back which include quite possibly the world’s smallest iron, intrigued?

All that is left to say is sorry for my absence, I am a bad blogger! But to make up for this I have finally started listings on Folksy, Hazzah! Take a little trip over there if you like, more will follow this weekend if I can manage to take some decent photos without the sun.



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