Monday, 31 May 2010

Ceramic buttons and more birthday delights

This weekend was spent in one of my favorite places to spend a weekend, Ginny Cottage, home of Sarah, Tom, Steph and Will. Saturday was Will's birthday and a fine old time was had by all, and as Steph and Will were in Cornwall last weekend during my own birthday festivities, a bag of all sorts of lovely stuff was awaiting me!
I was first instructed to open the little package that wrapped these beauts! Are they not 3 of the most beautiful handmade buttons you've ever darn well seen?! Stunning and far too special to use for anything other than framing I feel, although Steph did tell me they are machine washable! I would never dare put these fragile little loves through the ordeal of a washing machine though of course!

I also got a rather lovely (not to mention my first) vintage cameo brooch!

A starfish from the fore mentioned Cornwall, which will take pride of place (along with my french jars!) in my bathroom! A lovely gold carved bangle, which is the most perfect fit, and finally a beautiful vintage hanging glass decoration which I can't wait to hang in the window with all my others! Thank you again Steph and Will! I have been so terribly spoilt this year and I've loved every minute!

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