Vintage Haberdashery

a SMALL selection of my vintage buttons
A few select dress patterns from my ever growing and changing collection....
Knitting and crochet pattern magazines
Casige childs sewing machine c1950. In original box with beautiful hand painted designs.
Beautiful blue Singer sewing machine built into a table. c1950.

Vintage Books
Beautiful illustrations and photos from The Golden Hands Encyclopedia of dress making. First published 1972.

'The pictoral guide to modern home needlecraft' from 1938, First Edition, beautiful condition and stunning images.

 Vintage China
A few of my vintage china collections, some upcycled into cake stands and pin cushions.

Vintage Home Accessories
Vanity set, mirror and brush, great condition, beautiful gold floral design
A range of vintage tablecloths, mix of hand and machine embroidered
Condiment stand c1950. Salt, pepper and mustard pot. Silver with red wire detail.

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  1. I love your website!!i love vintage and discovering treasures at car boots and charity shope it's a hobby of mine.I'll be following you in the future.good luck with


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