Friday, 28 May 2010

Retro Tins and Haberdashery Haul

It's been a pretty good haul this year I must say, I finally got around to taking some photos this morning, although this is by no means all of it! I will start with one of the first presents I got, from lovely Sarah and Tom!

Beautiful retro weetabix tin which will be full of Weetabix soon! But arrived to me full of all sorts of goodies including the tinnie tiny buttons (which I will post separately as it is button Friday!)
Another retro tin, full of ribbons in stunning colours! Oh and the fabric these items are on also came in the tin, Sarah you know me all too well!

Pretty coloured pencils and a lovely big rose, there was also the most amazing silk scarf which I haven't taken off all week and the daintiest locket earrings which I haven't been able to photograph yet. Thank you lovelies!

Then I got these beautiful french glass jars for the bathroom from Holly, they are just lovely, exactly what I've been looking for to class up my bathroom and oh so fitting with my forthcoming trip to Paris, how did you know Holly?! Thank you!
Then came the Cath Kidston haul, and it was a goodun this year! These came courtesy of my boyfriends family, you spoil me, all of you!

Isn't this just heavenly!? Two tea towels in such stunning colours and roses, almost makes me what to do some washing up, almost...

Now this apron is giving me the urge to do some serious baking! Its the most beautiful faded vintagey print, just gorgeous!

No Cath Kidston haul would be complete without a new bag! The photo does not do the colour justice, its the most stunning shade of teal with vintage polka dots! Thank you Jackie, Conal, Cat, Luke and the boys, who also got me some lovely earrings!

My parents who had already spoilt me with my trip to Paris also got me 'The Art of Tim Burton' which is an amazing coffee table book and will forever take pride of place on our antique coffee table! Here are a few shots from inside...

Sketches for Edward Scissor Hands

Artwork for Sweeney Todd, done 20 years before he made the movie.

Sketches of his characters from 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy: And Other Stories' Which is a brilliant book of short stories and poems written and illustrated by Burton.
This is my favorite painting in the book, I personally think it is a self portrait of himself and Helena Bonham Carter. Its really is such a stunning book and he is a true artist through and through!

My second book of my birthday was from my lovely man who spoilt me once again! 'The Homemade Home'

Its got some lovely projects in the book as well as 'quick ideas' on how to personalise your home and belongings, It's not solely a sewing book either, it has a range of different craft techniques with easy to follow instruction. Would defiantly recommend even if only for the beautiful pictures!

Also from my boyfriend came this beautiful birthday Tusker! I have quite a collection now but its always lovely to add another to the shelf. I just wish I could have a tiny little elephant wrapped up in polka dot paper, I think my heart would explode!

Thank you so much to everybody for all my gifts and for making my 21st so very special, hopefully I will get around to photographing the rest in due time! But until then its good to be home!

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