Monday, 24 May 2010

Busiest weekend of my life!

This really has been the busiest weekend of my life! On Thursday we had the dress rehearsal for our graduate fashion show and the big event was on Friday. All 3 shows went really well, a few hiccups here and there but that is to be expected really. I have some videos of the show (which will go up if I can work out how) and will hopefully be able to steal a few photo's off of friends to show you soon.

Then Saturday was the big move from Lincoln to Norwich and then out for dinner, drinks and dancing with my lovelies to celebrate my turning 21 at midnight!

Sunday (my actual birthday) we went off to the beach as it was such a lovely day, but alas it was pretty chilly by the coast but had a nice BBQ on the beach and got a little tan, so not a wasted day by any means! I went to my parents Sunday night for a lovely roast and to receive my surprise present which had been driving me to madness for the past 3 months, I am useless with surprises, I just need to know! It came in a rather small envelope with a ticket that informed me I was off to Paris for a mini break! I cannot wait to trawl the flea markets for vintage buttons and fabrics! I will probably come home with some massive piece of antique furniture strapped to the eurostar too! Thanks Ma and Pa, you're legends!

I got lots of lovely stuff and sometime this week I shall show you the haul (which includes a fair bit of Cath Kidston, naturally) I also received a selection of what has to be the smallest buttons in the world! Once I can bring myself to open the beautifully wrapped jar I will take some photos of them too!

And finally today I received an email to inform me that I had won 2nd place in a glove design competition I entered around Easter! It was a British Glove Association competition to design a child's winter glove, this was my design...

Naturally it involved polka dots and a couple of pretty floral prints!

Hope you had a delightful weekend too!

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  1. PARIS! ace.
    well done on the glove comp aswell.
    i may also have a video of your collection too so i will let you know tomorrow when i get home.
    hope you had a good weekend. jess x


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