Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vintage Knitting Patterns

My. Oh. MY.

What lovely loot I found the other day to add to my ever growing collection of vintage sewing patterns, vintage knitting patterns (to be fair to these patterns they are more like magazines, some with over 40 patterns in each). Oh yes, Polka.Button is branching out into a new realm and it makes me want to learn to knit so badly! Or maybe just settle for framing the gorgeous adverts and illustrations in these wonders.... Feast your button eyes people!

Patons Novelty Book c1970.

Full of some weird and wonderful things to knit for the home or as gifts. I for one was taken by this wildly extravagant cottage tea cosy!

Knitting for the Family; a house wife book c1950.

A lovely little magazine with a few patterns, but what I love most are all the adverts. I'm a sucka for an old cheesy ad.... 

First steps in Crochet by Patons, c1960.

Ok so strictly speaking this is a crochet book/magazine but it has so much retro charm it makes me want to pick up a hook and some yarn and get psychedelic! I feel like finally this is the book that will teach me to crochet... who knows?! Lets face it, every man I know is getting a crochet tie for christmas this year! (And my brother will actually love it which is a little worrying...)
 Dashing little bolero anyone??

Beehive Baby Book; Knitting for the first 6 months. By P&B Wools, c1940.

I nearly started hyperventilating when I found this treasure.... It has the most adorable illustrations I actually need to frame this in case I ever have a child so I can hang it in the nursery and design the whole room around it!

Lots more awesome vintage books to come (including an amazing BIBLE of hairdressing from the 30's to the 60's), when I get around to photographing them... I'm busy trying to learn web design as well as everything else, very exciting times at Polka.Button. All (or at least most) of these books and patterns will be available to buy soon either online (possibly branching off to etsy for vintage stuff) or at my next fair, so stay tuned for loads of exciting changes going on around here!

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