Sunday, 18 September 2011

Free Retro Font Tutorial

My first tutorial....

I spent the morning hunting down retro fonts for a new mini 'zine feature I'm doing. Here is what I found! Oh so pretty....
These were so so easy peasy to download and use! So easy I have decided to do my first tutorialish post on how to get them for yourself!

I found them at an AMAZING site called where you can search for free fonts by category, I searched RETRO. Naturally.

All you need, to download these fonts is a zip compresser, I use jzip (I don't know a whole lot about zip software, I chose the free one cos I'm cheap, you may prefer to purchase if you feel safer doing so?). Once you have this little bit of software, the whole font catalogue is yours for the picking!

  • Simply download your chosen font, which (should) open automatically in your zip software file.
  • Extract to the 'Download' file in your 'Documents'. 
  • Then open your 'Control panel' and open 'Fonts' a whole load of fonts will appear that you probably didn't know where there (I sure didn't!).
  • Now drag your new fonts from the 'Download' file into the 'Font' file.

When you next open Photoshop or whichever program you use e.g Microsoft Word, they will appear in your fonts scroll bar ready for you to use (they won't appear on your program until you open the program fresh after downloading).

Easy Peasy!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and you find lots of inspiring fonts for your creative needs!!

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