Sunday, 25 March 2012

Given Enough Tea I Could Rule the World

Here are some of my latest treasuries of things that are inspiring me lately...

Tea always inspires. Without tea we would be mere machines... I cannot decide on a retro tea print for my kitchen, such beautiful choices!!
My favorite colour at the moment is MUSTARD and I love how well it goes with my favorites pink and aqua. Shout out for Norwich's own Colman's  Mustard!
 Hope your all enjoying the sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. The prints look lovely, I love tea and prints! Thanks for commenting and following my blog!
    I feel so happy you feel my blog is like a younger version of a beautiful mess, as I love their blog!
    I like your little line, Tea always inspires. Without tea we would be mere machines..., it reminds me of that make up advert, hehe!
    My two favourite colours at the moment are mustard too and light retro blue. Lol it ryhmes!
    I like the 2nd and 8th tea print, have you checked out society 6, they have really cool prints from lots of artists, I'm sure if you looked around a bit you would find some lovely prints!
    - Becky x


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