Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Before and After #2

Whilst clearing some room in the garage attic, I came across this horror....

a glass topped lap tray filled with straw....?
I know not where it came from but it is pretty odd! Needless to say that in 5 seconds I had ripped off that horrid rope, thrown out that ghastly straw (I kept the flowers cos I love tacky flowers!) and cleaned the glass.

Next came the fun part, deciding which treasures should take pride of place in this curious item...
Vintage Haberdashery. Good choice? Nothing is stuck down because I cant commit to anything permanent when it comes to my haberdashery collection! And I'm unsure whether I should paint the tray or not?

Hope you like my new Blog design!


  1. interesting =]

  2. Friend what a wonderful idea!!!!It's beautiful reminds me of the framing i did of my granny's collection of buttons on card - it was really hard to choose - so i know your commitment issues ! however just thing of them being framed forever!!!


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