Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vintage Haberdashery Love Fest...

Its all been happening this week at Polka.Button HQ!

First of all I now have an official Headquarters! Yep, I (with some help from my mum) finally sorted my spare room into an office/craft room. Its so nice to just simply have a big table to take photos on and have my laptop out all the time ready to blog at a moments notice! I am currently in the process of researching registering as a business... which is terrifying but exhilarating at the same time, but who knew there was so much to think about?! Tax, VAT, Book Keeping, Sole trader, Ltd co, Wholesale, consignment... ekk the list goes on!

Any way on a more breezy topic... this weekend I had a ridiculously fruitful trip to my local charity shops. It was heaven and I only spent about a tenner! I know your just dying to know what curios I purchased... How about a massive photo fest of the loveliness? Yes? Oh ok, if you insist!

Vintage dress patterns? Check.

Vintage buttons? Tick.

Vintage anchor buttons? In abundance!

First edition book on needle craft from 1938!? Don't you just know it!
It smells the way books should smell... when they were made of really heavy paper.
When I get a chance to have a really good rifle through this gem I will scan in a few pages for your pleasure.
Click image to enlarge.....
I also found a good few pieces of vintage china which I will post on another day else you overload on pretty, fabulous things! Now I'm off to buy three quarters of a yard of silk....

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  1. i just love those smart-wear ones! Friend i think we should swap some buttons what do you think????


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